Gardens on Wheels

Feel like you’ve no idea what season we’re in? That it has just started to feel like spring and whammo, along comes a cold snap along with (in some parts of the country) some snow? Return-to-winter moments like this are more than enough to do any gardener’s head in, but luckily we’re a crafty lot. We know we can’t predict weather but we do have some tricks up our sleeves. One of them is this neat strategy which gives us flexibility – with this we can dance around almost anything Mother Nature likes to throw at us.

How? By planting in containers and following three simple rules.

  1. Get hold of really big pots so that you can grow a lot of plants in each one. This means that there will be enough room for all your plants to thrive and look fantastic.
  2. Put your containers on wheels – look for stands with wheels… aka plant caddies. This lets you easily move your container gardens to protect them from weather extremes.
  3. Pick really good-looking plants because containers are like a stage, where only the best and beautiful deserve the footlights. Think Canna Tropicanna®, which is probably the most gorgeous plant living: a cocktail of tutti-frutti stripes on leaves luscious enough to lick. Tuck a few other supporting plants in around the edges, then step back and admire, not only your handiwork but your cleverness in making a lovely garden on wheels
easy care container plant

The hero of these great mini garden arrangements is Canna Tropicanna. Set the pot on wheels and you can move it under cover whenever the weather gets grim





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