Gardening creativity abounds at 2011 OFA Short Course

Phillip Townshend here, writing about one of my favorite trade shows.

Well, another year at the Ohio Short Course show has been completed, and as usual I was surprised by the continued innovation that appears at this show. It must now be one of the major shows on the calendar for most in the horticultural industry, with attendees from around the globe visiting to see what is new or doing well in the U.S. market.


Imagine my surprise to see a number of our Bonfire®series of begonias, either in mixed arrangements, in mixed planters outside our hotel or in the Daniels Plant Food company promotional pieces that adorned pillars throughout the show. Wherever it’s used, the Bonfire series continues to be an extremely versatile product with multiple uses and certainly is the benchmark of all the Boliviensis varieties that suddenly appeared after Bonfire was released.

Bonfire Begonia is a real show stopper!

The merchandising displays this year hit a new level, with fierce competition between entrants to show how best to display plants at retail.

Despite continually improving showcases of plants by the various companies exhibiting at the show, my vote for best display overall was the one that greeted all upon entering the show. As you can see in this image, it featured an attractive butterfly mix.

I look forward to next year’s show and hope the exhibitors continue to put effort into developing showcases demonstrating what can be achieved with the great new introductions many of us are releasing into the market.



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