Flower Carpet® Ground Cover Roses

Scarlet Roses

Winner of over 25 Gold and International Rose Awards!

Key Features

  • Easy-care with no fancy pruning or spraying required
  • One of the most disease-resistant roses ever bred
  • The original “eco rose”.
  • Masses of blooms all season long – up to 2,000 on one plant!
  • Glossy deep green foliage looks lovely even before the plants begin to bloom
  • Self-cleaning – dead blossoms drop to ground
  • Not affected or damaged by road salt used in snow areas
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Available in a wide array of colors
  • Perform best in full to partial sun (at least 6 hours a day for maximum blooms; will tolerate less sun with less blooms)

With the Next Generation variety of Flower Carpet roses (Amber, Scarlet and Pink Supreme), refined breeding has produced improved heat and humidity tolerance on top of its existing disease resistance.

Suggested Uses

  • Single planting next to a bench or swing for all-season color
  • As a “solution plant” on slopes to reduce erosion
  • Around pools for easy-care, season-long color
  • In mixed beds and mass landscape plantings
  • In large containers on decks or patios

Colors Available

Flower carpet amber

Landscaping Ideas with Flower Carpet roses:

Ask for Flower Carpet today at your favorite Garden Center!  It’s “The Rose in the Pink Pot™”

For more photos and information, please go to the Flower Carpet page on our Tesselaar Plants website.

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