Flower Carpet – 20 Years Young

Normally at this time of year I tend to focus my blog post on the key horticultural industry show –  IPM Essen – held in Germany. Once again I dragged myself away from the beach with sun, surf and fun in Australia to attend the show.  However this year, rather than write about what is new & happening in horticulture, I thought I would take the time to pay my respects to a true gardening stalwart . . . our Flower Carpet® range of roses.


Flower Carpet Amber is perfect around a deck or patio

2015 sees us celebrating our 20th Anniversary since the launch of Flower Carpet in the USA .  The Flower Carpet program continues to increase in popularity and this can really be attributed to one key fact – these plants perform!

20 years is actually a long time by any measure and when I look out at our trial gardens here in Silvan I can still see the first Flower Carpet roses we planted in the garden (which were planted a number of years ahead of the US release) and they still look great.

eco roses

Flower Carpet in Silvan, AU trial gardens mid-summer


eco rose

Flower Carpet Yellow in foreground of 20+ year old trial beds

These roses have continued to thrive through all sorts of conditions (including an extended drought period in Australia). When I drive around I’m always surprised to see how many residential gardens and commercial landscape inwhich those ubiquitous hot pink flowers actually appear. It’s also interesting to see that despite the extremely varied levels of care they are given, they still look good!

eco rose

Flower Carpet Pink and Appleblossom thrive in this commercial roadside installation.


eco rose

Neglected gardens with Flower Carpet still performing!

Now, by no means is this post meant to be an advertorial or infomercial but I am simply giving credit where credit is due to a truly tough garden plant that not only survives but looks great. If only we could spend as little time on ourselves that it takes to look after Flower Carpet, and still look as good as it does regardless of conditions!

Over the course of 20 years there have been a number of other roses released, all trying to emulate the breeding pedigree that makes Flower Carpet such a stand-out selection. In fact, many breeders have used Flower Carpet genetics in their own breeding endeavors to try and replicate its performance.

Groundcover rose

Flower Carpet Groundcover Rose ‘Pink’ – the original eco rose – interplanted with lavender


Flower Carpet eco rose

Look for Flower Carpet – the Rose In the Pink Pot®

To date, none have been able to duplicate the Flower Carpet performance in the garden (although a number have falsely claimed to – even going so far as to promote that they were the “True Groundcover Rose”.)  Consumers still continue to rave about Flower Carpet’s disease resistance, non-stop blooms and it’s ability to stand up to all sorts of conditions, and they continue to depend upon the Rose in the Pink Pot® for its trusted performance.

So please join us in celebrating this milestone for Flower Carpet and visit our website to see the other great colors that have been added to the range over the years!  Over years of rigorous trialing, only 10 colors  have been selected as being worthy to bear the Flower Carpet name, having demonstrated the performance characteristics that the first Flower Carpet exhibited.   (I will update you on what I saw of interest at IPM Essen in my next post.)

Until next time – “garden on good people” – and a big happy birthday to Flower Carpet, the first eco rose and true garden wonder!

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