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Christmas ornaments

It’s nearly Christmas everyone, and it’s happened again. Christmas has crept up on us: I’ve managed to loose a week somewhere between mid November and right now. And now is when I need to get the house feeling Christmassy because the Christmas drinks and catch-ups-before-Christmas are booked and happening. But I’ve still got a fair amount of other stuff to get done (like work), which is why this blog is Christmas-themed. Forgive me if it’s a bit left of field, but I had the bright idea to do two things at once. I’ve kept my camera by my side as I’ve raced around today decorating, and here’s the result. It may inspire, make you roll your eyes or just maybe help spread a little glittery, Ho-ho-ho spirit. Whatever it does, let’s all have a lovely break appreciating how much we love our families and cherish our friends, before it all returns to normal again . . . which it will, in a nice way that is.

 Easy gift wrap ideas

Fast & funky wrapping: So I’d organised to catch up with a dear friend and then realised I had my presents ready but they weren’t wrapped. With only hours to spare, I pulled all the Christmas stuff out of the top cupboard to confirm what I was dreading, that the only wrapping paper that carries over from one Christmas to another is the type that is really ugly. Luckily I had a generic roll of brown paper which is red on the other side, so out it came. The ribbon is an odd addition but it’s not as bad as it looks in real life but the saving moment here is the sheet of white paper lifted from the office printer that I folded and cut into angels and Christmas trees.


Hand Made Gift tags

Who needs name tags?: Not surprisingly, I don’t have any labels to put on my presents (yet) so I decided to make function become the decoration when I wrapped there two little presents for two young friends. It’s funny but thanks to using keyboards to do most our writing, it took a lot of concentration to try to make these look ok. And the pressure was on because I didn’t have enough spare paper to wrap these again if I’d made a boo boo.


Christmas Kitch Santas

Christmas kitsch is brilliant: This is a season made for kitsch, which is lucky because when I pulled down the boxes of ornaments I was surprised (as I am each year) at how much we seem to have. There’s the Christmas moth (a strange oversized, glittery-winged creature that I’ve not photographed because it’s embarrassing); the flock-pelted plastic reindeer with a blue jewel on his chest; these two squeaky toy santas; the evil elf doll who has remained creepy in the eyes of my girls (who are now adults) even after I tried to remove his menacing eyebrow; and the assorted additions to the nativity scene including the plastic T Rex.


Vintage bird ornament

Classic glass is always good: Vintage glass ornaments are always lovely, like this bird that I’ve clipped to some contorted willow in a green glass jug on the bathroom vanity. But I also have to admit that the kitsch has crept into my ‘nice glass ornaments’ collection thanks to one of my daughters. This year’s tree will sport a new glass orange, brought home from a trip to Italy, where it will hang alongside the glass hamburger, the glass cupcake and the glass gingerbread house.


Decorated door knocker

A quick door trim: Is someone due for Christmas drinks and you haven’t tinsel-i-fied the house yet? Grab a fist full of beaded strands, loop them up like an extension cord, tie them with a bell trimmed ribbon and the problem’s sorted! This is my front door knocker, ready for visitors.

 Decorative Christmas wreath with roses

My plastic fantastic wreath: I am sooo happy with this. The wreath is completely fake, but not too bad if you like sparkle glitter dusted over the plastic needles. Originally I added icicles and a single large classic ball ornament, but Tom took one look and shook his head. So I decided to celebrate the fake, and in a strange way, also celebrate the fact that my Christmas happens in the southern hemisphere when the roses are blooming. I may even lift it off the door on Christmas day and pop it on my head! Happy Christmas everyone!






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