Fall’s the time to turn patio plants into houseplants!

Fall’s here. Time to close up the pool and bring the plants in. Above, you can see my plectranthus in full bloom (purple flowers) and my ‘Royal Glissade’ coleus (lime- and rust-colored foliage).

This will be my first attempt at overwintering coleus as a houseplant. I already successfully overwintered the plectranthus this past year, after buying it last fall to fill some holes in my outdoor containers.

Here’s another patio plant I’ve had great luck with overwintering: Festival Burgundy cordyline. It hardly needs any water or attention, and its long, strappy leaves don’t brown or go crispy. It just sits there quietly in the corner, bringing a much-needed burst of color in the midst of winter doldrums. The only thing it hates is a nip of frost. I learned my lesson two years ago, when I brought it back out way too soon in the spring.


I’ve also had excellent luck with Blue Storm agapanthus. I’ve successfully overwintered it before, basically by leaving the pot by an open basement window and ignoring it till spring. This winter, though, I’m going to experiment putting it in a south-facing window upstairs, watering it sparingly and otherwise letting it go.

So. Which patio/garden plants do you like to overwinter as houseplants? What works? What doesn’t? Post a comment. I’d love to know!


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