Fall Tips for Easy Care Roses

easy care roses

Flower Carpet Amber blossoms change colors as they age.

Growing easy care roses is the perfect solution for home gardens and gardeners who want roses without the fuss. The Flower Carpet Series fit the bill perfectly. Keep in mind thought that “easy-care” doesn’t mean “no care”.  A little TLC never hurt anyone, so here’s a little advice on fall care of your roses.

Flower Carpet Scarlet

Easy care Flower Carpet Scarlet in a New England Garden

Stop deadheading. Deadheading is the act of cutting off the old blooms so new ones come on faster. In fall you don’t want to encourage new growth that could be damaged by a freeze.

Stop fertilizing. As with stopping deadheading, we don’t want to promote new growth and fertilizing will do just that.

Spraying. If you spray via sustainable gardening methods there is nothing wrong with continuing to do so. If you use chemicals I would advise you to think about switching to sustainable methods. I feel many garden roses do better that way.

Leaf drop. You will see more of it in the fall. Don’t worry about it. Roses are deciduous and drop their leaves. This is normal. This always leads to the question, “Should you rake out all the old leaves.” The thinking behind this is disease could linger on those old leaves and spread to the rest of the garden. You can rake if you like, but I’ll tell you I never have and don’t notice any difference.

Fungal diseases like blackspot and powdery mildew. You will see more of it in the fall. It’s normal, like the leaf drop. The roses are putting their energy into going dormant for the winter and not fighting disease. Don’t ramp up the spraying because of it.

easy care roses

Flower Carpet Amber pairs beautifully with lavender.

These are gardening tips for your roses at this time of year. Garden roses are fun and easy to grow and a little TLC goes a long way with them!

Happy Roseing




Paul Zimmerman

Guest Blogger Paul Zimmeman

Our Guest Blogger is Paul Zimmerman, owner of Paul Zimmerman Roses and author of the book, “Everyday Roses. How To Grow Knockout and Other Easy-Care Garden Roses” published by Taunton Press. He is dedicated to “Budding The Rose Grower In All Of Us.”  He also has a blog on Fine Gardening’s website called “Roses are Plants Too“.  You can also find some of Paul’s helpful videos on You Tube.

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