Fairy Magnolia and the Busy Bees

Whether we plant a garden or gather a few pots together on a balcony, it’s all about surrounding ourselves with a space that’s green, growing and alive. It’s about branches and leaves and flowers and birds and bees. It’s the whole package. Which is why – especially if you don’t have a lot of space – it’s good to know which plants work hardest: which are the garden multi-taskers.


Fairy Magnolia is one of them. It’s a tough beauty that knows how to look after itself and get on with thriving without you needing to fuss around. It’s a lovely-looking plant that smothers itself in fragrant flowers throughout spring. It’s versatile: you can grow it as a hedge or a clipped ball in a container. And to top it all off, it is bee attracting.


So why do we care about bees? Because they play a quintessential part in the experience we’re chasing, of being outside. Bees are part of our folklore to the point where they danced with the fairies at the bottom of our childhood gardens. Or maybe as grown-ups we care because our world’s population of bees is clearly under stress and therefore threatened. We know how important bees are to our own food crops so we can help by growing plants, like Fairy Magnolia, that offer those poor battered bees the food they need.

As hedges go Fairy Magnolia Cream is an absolute knock out, smothered in scented flowers.


Fairy Magnolia Blush appeals to the plant collector – the flower colour teamed with the russet buds.




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