Eyes Wide Open – what do you see?

Sheep statues

Is it just me, but when you walk out your front door do you see weird stuff too? Like these sheep? Or someone walking down the road dressed completely in one colour only? Admittedly I tend to spend a lot of time out of the house (traveling for work), but it does seem as though some people (like me) notice more whacky things than others (my wife Sheryl). Is this good? Well personally I think yes. I need to be observant because it helps me with my work, so if my photo albums are filled with a diverse mix, I’m happy. It proves my scanning eye is active and my sense that the world is wonderful is as strong as ever. Here are a few shots to show you what I mean…

Firstly the sheep at Essen (above). Trade show displays are usually pretty predictable but this punched home that we could expect a pastel-hued Spring in the plants’ market. And what about this sausage rainbow (below)? Aren’t they astonishing? Is it because I like sausages so much that I found this display in Paris very, very memorable?


A few years back I was visiting a Chinese propagation facility that looked like the set from Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey. When we finished our meeting, we walked out into a very different world, where I saw this (below) parked on the street. I love its slightly homemade engineering. I can imagine someone struggling to keep the stainless steel buffed to perfection. In filthy weather, riding along in this (I don’t know what to call it) would be very cozy. And note the high tech immobilizer on the rear left wheel.

people transporter

Here’s something Phillip (who I work with) and I stumbled upon when we’d taken a day off to wander around the Appeltern Gardens in Holland. Even if you’re not a gnome fan you probably can appreciate the modern twist.

garden gnomes

And maybe I am highly tuned to all things horticultural, because even though these aren’t actually alive, this ceramic collection of flowers slowed me down long enough to take this shot. I’ve said it before, and I am sure to go on about it again and again, but I believe there is a primal connection between man and the plant kingdom, made when we gaze down into the face of a flower.

flower bowls

Do I have a point? Yes. Be aware of the wonderful show that’s playing all around us every day. If we keep our eyes open we can’t miss it.


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