Earth Day Tips from our Readers!


During our recent Labor Saving Garden Tips contest, we received loads of helpful  tips from our readers, many of which involved using recycled products.   Whether you’re new to gardening or an experienced gardener, you’re sure to find something helpful here.

Shelley Button is using and sharing her horse manure and we particularly like her idea of helping the community gardens intended for the needy:  Every fall after winterizing my flowers, roses and vegetable garden I fertilize with the ground with composted manure. What a great use for the waste we get from our horses! Every year our garden and flowers look amazing. Since we are abundant with manure we help others by saving our horse feed bags throughout the year and filling the bags with manure for others to have for their plants. This year, I am hoping to deliver the bags to a local garden spot in town. Providing this free manure will help those who are in food assistance needs with a better production in their plot as well as help those with their flower beds.

hand with compost

Compost – the ultimate in recycling! Photo courtesy of

Tracy Beauchamp says she uses the water produced by her central air unit to water flowers automatically.  She placed a clear tube (available from Lowe’s) inside the air conditioner discharge hose and directs it to the pots that need it. It’s handy because that the hotter and dryer it is, the more the AC runs!



Banana peels make a great fertilizer.

Charlee Curtis suggests: If you are by the ocean, use seaweed for fertilizer.  Compost food scraps, shredded newspapers, paper towels, tissues.  Use banana peels for fertilizer. Just drop them in the hole dug for planting.

Maria suggests that you use rabbit manure and used coffee grounds to save on fertilizer, and reminds us that roses love banana peels.


packing peanuts as filler

Using leftover packing peanuts in oversized containers helps to lighten the load.

Here’s a great way to recycle those  annoying packing peanuts! Kendra gave us a suggestion that is truly money and back saving!   In larger planters where some people use up extra space with rocks, I use packing peanuts! It makes the planters lighter weight and easier to move.


Heidy Walsh tells us that a super fun way to water plants if you’re going on vacation (or have a habit of forgetting to water your beautiful blooms) is by filling up an old wine, soda or beer bottle with water and inverting it into your potted plant or straight into the ground by your plants roots. An even cuter idea for the craftier type, painting your wine and beer bottles and sealing them with a high gloss spray paint to keep your beautiful artwork from being washed away by the rain. I used my favorite “flowery” scrapbook paper and modge-podged it to decorate my bottles and sealed them with spray paint. I have a habit of under watering so not only do my potted plants stay healthy but they look super cute too!!

Cintia Pendleton suggests: Recycle your plastic containers and cans from the kitchen to make beds for new seeds, and even beautiful ‘planters’! Bulbs likes cans and you can make the cans look good with ‘some art’! And you can have a lot of beautiful samples in beautiful planters to give somebody in the bloom time!

basil plant

Cintia’s basil plant seems quite happy in its recycled container

Barb loves to use chopped leaves for mulch to keep moisture in and weeds out!

Sam Frazier also repurposes old yogurt containers for seedling starts – they’re free and reusable! Keeps them out of landfills! I do the same with old coffee containers (and I have a lot of them), and the lids to the coffee containers make great plant saucers!

Carmen Monnii puts out a bucket or two to catch water when it rains and she then uses that to water some of her plants on the porch, especially those that didn’t get as much rain.


And for the ultimate in recycyling, bunny poop makes a great fertilizer

And for the ultimate recycling, Paula Douglas reminds us that the best thing to put on your flowers and gardens is rabbit poop!  It is amazing how much better the flowers grow and live longer!




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  1. Graciebelle April 22, 2013 at 3:35 pm #

    Thanks for these helpful tips. I particularly like the one about using water from the central air conditioner – never thought of that!

  2. Your Easy Garden Team April 22, 2013 at 3:36 pm #

    We loved that one too!

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