Creating a Low Maintenance Vacation Home Garden

Even though you may already enjoying your stay in your seaside summer house, why not enjoy it even more? You can spend your days in a dreamy garden. Garden furniture and particular plants can determine the incredible atmosphere of the garden, and create a refreshing place to relax, even when you’re not at the beach. Green mazes and cobbled paths, ponds, fountains, colorful flowers and small round trees – these are all elements that can create a delightful ambiance. After all, there is nothing like enjoying a well-deserved vacation in your seaside retreat.

Still, what to do with all that greenery when you go back home? The best answer would be – plan ahead! Not all plants will rot away and need constant attention. Actually, there are several that can withstand many different conditions regarding the soil and weather, and they would be the perfect fit for your coastal paradise. Here are just a few suggestions.

Myrtle has small green oval leaves and clusters of flowers in green and white that attracts many butterflies and bees. This plant likes a humid climate, with partial shade and requires a sandy soil to grow in a healthy way. Its indifference to salt water makes it an ideal shrub for a garden by the sea.

plants for vacation homes

Morning glories come in a range of colors and are a very easy-care seaside plant

The Morning Glory is a tough vine, which, in most cases, has pink, purple, white or blue flowers with a purple or white center. It is a plant that can be used to cover a trellis, arbor, fence or wall. Morning glories can grow in full sunlight and it gets along well with sandy soil. It is distinguished from others by being resistant to wind, heat and salt, making it one of the most widely used plants in coastal gardens.

plants for seaside gardens

Portulaca, also known as Sea Purslane

Sea purslane has bright green, lanceolate leaves and flowers that are pink or purple throughout the year. This plant grows in clay soils, limestone and sandstone and requires a hot and humid place to properly flourish.

Blue JasmineThe Beautiful Emily is also known as Blue Jasmine and Plumbago. It is a wooden semi-shrub with small and tubular flowers while petals are rounded and available in white, light blue and dark blue. The Beautiful Emily is definitely a great ornament in a garden. It can be used as a hedge along a fence or a wall that will define your space.


plants for vacation homes

Flower Carpet Pink thives with little or no care in this seaside garden

Flower carpet roses have various colors such as Pink, Coral, Amber, White, Yellow and Red. The best quality of these roses is that they are very low maintenance. Shiny, dark green foliage is so decorative that it looks nice even before the flowers begin to bloom. Flower Carpet is also “self cleaning,” meaning that spent blossoms and petals simply drop to the ground. In addition, they are extremely resistant to drought and disease, tolerant both road salt and sea salt and like full-sun to part-shade. This gorgeous shrub is perfect for a seaside garden.

succulent garden

Succulents come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and are ideal as low maintenance seaside plants. They work well in vertical gardens too.


Vertical gardens are a real delight for everyone’s eyes. They are becoming increasingly popular and can be easily integrated into any exterior. They are a nice aesthetic detail that purifies the air and enriches the space. Throughout much of Australia, plastic pallets are very popular for the making of vertical gardens, since wooden pallets are not that durable. The best plants for vertical gardens are those that are dense, compact and slow growing such as sedums, succulents and many varieties of herbs.


The Great Crate is an art installation commissioned for the City of Sydney’s Art & About public art festival. Photo courtesy of

A couple hundred plastic shipping crates were used to create this four-sided “Great Crate” vertical edible garden in the shape of a cube! The Great Crate garden is 100% recyclable. After the art festival has run its course it will be dismantled and the crates will be put back to use with the plants distributed back into the community.



Flower Carpet Amber is a simple easy-care plant for any seaside patio.

Beautiful seaside cottages will definitely awaken your imagination and make you enter the world of fairy tales. Then you would probably want to immerse yourself in a place like this, where life seems simple, peaceful and where you can enjoy the nature. And, with careful and selective gardening, you won’t have to worry about your plants. Choose them wisely, and they will wait for your next arrival, magical as you left them.


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