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Basic Gardening Terms: Types of Plants

Whether you’re a beginning gardener or a more experienced one, you’ve probably come across terms that are unfamiliar to you in gardening magazines, websites or even on plant labels.  In an effort to demystify gardening, we’ve put together a list of basic garden terms with brief explanations. Click here if you’d like to download a […]

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6 child with seedling

Seed Starting Part 2

Transplanting Seedlings and Getting Them Garden Ready So you got through the first step…you planted your seeds for your spring garden. If you followed the steps in part one of this post, by now your seedlings should be growing and thriving. Now it is necessary to transplant them out of their tiny egg carton homes. […]

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companion planting

Companion Planting Tips and Tricks

Companion Planting – the practice of combining mutually beneficial plants together in the garden – is something that’s been used for centuries, but as more and more gardeners become aware of the need to reduce pesticides, it continues to gain popularity. Here are just a few examples of common companion planting combinations. Herbs are great […]

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