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Fairy Magnolia WhiteLR

Fairy Magnolia and the Busy Bees

Whether we plant a garden or gather a few pots together on a balcony, it’s all about surrounding ourselves with a space that’s green, growing and alive. It’s about branches and leaves and flowers and birds and bees. It’s the whole package. Which is why – especially if you don’t have a lot of space […]

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plants for driveways

The Garden Sandwich

This must be one of the best times of year for any gardener because it’s  spring – a season to get planting. So out we rush, happy smiles on our faces . . . until we hit a major garden challenge – like the dreaded narrow garden bed. You know the one; it typically runs […]

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spring-flowers TN

Spring Lawn and Garden Spruce Up Tips

Have you just started to take interest in gardening? Is gardening as per season confusing you? Are you intimidated by the excessive gardening information? Have you been feeling messed up about preparing lawn and garden for spring? Hang on! Just zone out of everything else! Take a deep breath. Brew a cup of steaming hot […]

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Canna Tropicanna and Zinnia

The Hottie is Back

Are we excited about the coming of warmer weather? Of course we are: we’re gardeners after all. It’s time to set up for those gorgeous warm days ahead surrounded by lush plants and lashings of colour. And if the summer trend in the southern hemisphere is anything to go by, which it often is, there […]

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