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How to choose easy care plants-fv

How To Choose Easy to Care For, Long Lasting Plants

When choosing plants for your garden there are many things to consider. From colors and textures to functionality and bloom cycles a bit of thought can go a long way. Once element you don’t want to forget is maintenance. Some plants require a lot of maintenance and care while others just need basic care to […]

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when to plant fall bulbs

When to Plant Fall Bulbs

Fall is the time to plant spring and summer flowering bulbs, but how do you know exactly when to do that?   It’s easy if you follow these tips from our friends at ColorBlends® who tell us that you know it’s fall planting time when . . . Fall nighttime temps stay between 40° and […]

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long lasting peonies

Extending Peony Bloom Time

Peonies are one of the most beloved perennials, but they always seem to come on quickly and end quickly.  They’re also often victims of early summer storms which, despite our best efforts to stake and support our graceful plants, can do major damage. Our readers have shared some of their favorite tips for for extending […]

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