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Tropicanna® cannas are king at Graceland!

Having made a recent pilgrimage (well, pilgrimage for me), I thought I would share the experience – especially since to my surprise, I found a previously unknown association between one of our star plants and the brightest star of all. See if you can guess where I was – though it shouldn’t be too hard … Put […]

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Sustainable landscape design

Sustainability & style shine at 2012 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Phillip Townshend  here, writing from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Once again, I’m reminded of why we live in Melbourne, Australia (voted one of the world’s most liveable cities on multiple occasions). It’s autumn here, and I’m enjoying sunny days and mild temperatures along with the inspiring atmosphere of the world-renowned Melbourne International […]

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Monarch butterfly on butterfly bush (image by Denise Pierce).

Plants attract birds, butterflies – and kids!

There goes my daughter, Maya, helping her “papa” (grandpa) feed the birds again. It’s a very important job for her when she goes over to visit – scooping the bird seed from the big plastic bins in his garage and carefully pouring it into one of the many bird feeders hanging from his front tree like so much ripe fruit. Now […]

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Cemetery Plot in Italy

Life and death

My English teacher would feel very smug if she knew how much I write daily. And I thought I’d never have to put a sentence together once I’d left school! But I’ve been writing ever since. First it was bulb catalogues, then moved to all the other usual business stuff (plans, proposals, plant profiles, presentations, […]

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