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Homemade Paper Plant Pots

Here’s how to make the easiest paper pots ever. I’m making them at the moment as part of a plan (spoiler alert) to give my friends home-made gardening kits this Christmas. With twelve of these pots and a packet of heirloom seeds, they should have some bean seedlings ready to plant out two-to-three weeks after […]

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Simple tips for creating colorful containers

5 Simple Garden Container Ideas

Although many people simply use filled garden containers on their deck or patio to add impact, they can be used as problem-solvers! Let’s look at five examples below… To start with, regardless of where and how you’re using them, for maximum impact, garden containers of mixed plants should include a “Thriller” (usually a tall plant), […]

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Tesselaar's Rock and Roll Astroemeria

A Hot New Plant!

  Well, it appears that Alstroemeria Rock & Roll® is in the HOT category! It is not often that I spend time trolling the Internet to see which of our plants are generating interest but I had received a staggering number of enquiries about a new release just appearing on the market this spring called […]

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