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low maintenance landscape plants

To the Best Rose Ever

A bold statement, and twenty years in the making, but one I believe deserves the title. And yes I am celebrating this rose’s birthday because it has become a huge part of my life. At this point my wife Sheryl is allowed to roll her eyes because the pink rose I’m about to go on […]

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Hardy landscape plants

Tough Plants are the Best

With a fresh year full of gardening ahead of us, I thought I’d leap in with a piece of gardening advice that pretty much sorts all problems. And here it is up front (so you don’t have to read any further). Fill your garden with plants that can look after themselves. Yes, it’s that simple. […]

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630 x 310

Flower Colour

  People are like insects where it comes to flowers – it’s that basic. We look into the face of a flower and it speaks to us. So what if we don’t have proboscis to let us feast on the nectar? Just looking at a flower feeds us. So here’s a lovely, luscious, soul-enriching feast […]

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