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There’s always been something very compelling about the original Flower Carpet Pink rose and this improved Supreme version is even more so.

Its been a crazy winter

Who could miss spotting the super-cold weather we’ve been having? Not to mention the strangely unseasonably-warm pockets? From a gardener’s perspective it’s distracting. Our happy little rituals have been thrown in the air. Should we panic? Of course not. Take a deep breath and don’t let weather anxiety take hold. The same rules still apply […]

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Microgreens scroll

Growing Microgreens

If you have cabin fever or are already in gardening mode but having a hard time waiting to enjoy fresh picked garden goodies, try growing microgreens! Not only are they power-packed with vitamins, but also they are quick and easy to grow…even inside by a sunny window! Microgreens are seedlings of edible plants harvested less than […]

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Canna Tropicanna and Zinnia

The Hottie is Back

Are we excited about the coming of warmer weather? Of course we are: we’re gardeners after all. It’s time to set up for those gorgeous warm days ahead surrounded by lush plants and lashings of colour. And if the summer trend in the southern hemisphere is anything to go by, which it often is, there […]

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