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companion planting

Companion Planting Tips and Tricks

Companion Planting – the practice of combining mutually beneficial plants together in the garden – is something that’s been used for centuries, but as more and more gardeners become aware of the need to reduce pesticides, it continues to gain popularity. Here are just a few examples of common companion planting combinations. Herbs are great […]

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Koi Fish copy

No-Dig Koi Pond Installation

Do you browse Pinterest and get starry-eyed when you come across a picture of a gorgeous backyard koi pond? And do visions of high price tags and hours of hard work quickly squash your daydreams? If so, you’re thinking about ponds all wrong! It doesn’t have to be really difficult to have a lovely pond. […]

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4_seed startingfeature

Seed Starting Part 1

If you are like me, the first signs of an impending Spring send me grabbing my seed catalogs and gathering tools, ready to get a jumpstart on the gardening season. Depending on your climate, for many cold-hardy vegetables, March is the perfect time to get growing. Seed starting indoors is a great way to extend […]

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Good Reads Thumbnail

Good Garden Reads

As those of us in cold climates can only dream of the warmth of the summer sun and those in warmer climates are beginning to tackle their early spring gardening projects, we thought our readers may enjoy hearing about a few our favorite gardening books – both old and new. Container Theme Gardens is one […]

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balcony planters feature

Balcony Gardening Trends for 2016

Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo . . . or all that’s good in balcony gardening this year! As usual at this time of year I have started with our usual pilgrimage to IPM Essen in Germany. Fortunately, as opposed to previous years, the weather was quite benign (almost balmy) which made the trip […]

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Gardening with Kids: Why it Matters

Our food choices are creating extreme consequences on our health, our economy, and our environment. Young children are being diagnosed as obese, the cancer rate is soaring, climate change is real, and our reliance on eating large amounts of meat is creating a dire need for intervention. Teaching children how to grow food and eat […]

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