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Sunflower TN

Creating and Growing A Sunflower House

A sunflower house or little hut transforms your garden into a wonderland for children and adults to enjoy. It creates a private space, perfect for afternoon naps or reading a favorite book. And, of course, provides a great hiding spot during garden hide and seek! Creating a sunflower hut is simple and easy for children […]

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easy care landscape plants

Creating Eco-Friendly Borders

Looking to spruce up your landscape a bit?  A well-designed border can add impact and interest to any garden – large or small.  And, by selecting plants that take a minimal amount of care and chemicals to thrive, you can easily create an eco-friendly border.  As a bonus, depending on the plant selection, a well-planned […]

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Seed Scavenger Hunt excerpt

A Seed Scavenger Hunt

Even after the gardening season comes to an end, there are still many lessons to be found spending time out in nature. This project involves a seed scavenger search which I have found that children of all ages adore! Children love the idea of exploring nature, and looking up close at all sorts of flowers and […]

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