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It’s Not Easy Being Green – Gardeners in Danger

In the famous words of someone we can all learn from (Kermit the frog) “it’s not easy being green” and it seems that, in this fast-paced environment and with the consolidation of retail outlets for garden products, one of the key items of our horticulture lifestyle is in danger. When it comes to endangered species […]

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Balcony Garden excerpts

Creating Your Own Balcony Garden

You’re flipping through your favorite home design magazine and notice a balcony garden. The fruit trees, lush vegetable beds, and potted herbs look beautiful and impressive. Before you have time to reconsider, you run out to your local garden center to buy a few beginner plants for your own balcony. After hauling them up three […]

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Flower Arranging Excerpt

Easy Flower Arranging for Kids

It’s summer vacation here in Vermont. For our family, that means our days are relaxed and mostly unstructured. Much time is spent in the backyard . . . in our garden, reading, swinging, riding bikes, running, laughing, exploring, drawing, dancing, sometimes crying, lots of hugs, and always ending back in the garden to pick our […]

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Homemade All-Natural Bug Spray

Working out in the garden is so rewarding and lovely until you look down at your leg and see…a tick! What nasty, little creatures! Or have you ever gotten swarmed by mosquitoes while trimming back your raspberries? I have. Mosquito bites are annoying, but tick bites can be deadly. They carry a host of diseases, […]

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