Balcony Gardening Trends for 2016

Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo . . . or all that’s good in balcony gardening this year!

As usual at this time of year I have started with our usual pilgrimage to IPM Essen in Germany.

Fortunately, as opposed to previous years, the weather was quite benign (almost balmy) which made the trip that much more pleasant and, as in previous years, I was inspired to see the latest and greatest in gardening from around the globe.

The items that caught my eye this year were all related to the change in our domestic and social landscape with the downsizing of living spaces and the increase in mid-to-high density housing being seen across the globe.

Whilst over the past few years at the show we have had many examples of fabulous indoor plants and containers (along with innovative presentation of bullet-proof indoor items such as succulents – just look at these decorator items), this year, there was a real shift to what you could achieve on the balcony or in a small space.

dyed succulents

You won’t miss these bright cactus!

braided succulents

These succulents take some interesting twists and turns!

dyed succulents

Who would have imagined? These are indeed succulents!

Utilizing or maximizing the space available on the balcony wasn’t confined to just plants in containers on the ground. There were some great ideas of how to take advantage of the vertical plane.

balcony gardening

See these fantastic containers for use on the railings. Plants can add privacy and warm to any balcony.

Also, look at the impact that uniform pots in a cascade create, with the added benefit of also offering some privacy along the balcony. The green wall impact is another bonus.

vertical gardening

Wall planters can serve as a nice privacy component.

There are a multitude of green-wall systems already available that fix to the wall, with some even having built-in watering systems that are ideal to create that kitchen garden for your herbs.

container gardening

Planters large enough to hold multiple plants are great for patios and balcony gardens

balcony plants

Espaliered lemon tree takes up little space and is perfect for a balcony

And of course, if you just want to load up the floor space with containers there is the option of using espaliers to maximize space (look at these great citrus that would supply any number of G&T mixes on the balcony) or multi-planting the container to make the most of the limited space and the impact that can be achieved.



container gardening

These coconuts are not something you’d expect to see in a container but they have a great look!

Finally, when it comes to statement pieces, see this amazing pot! This was the first of its type that I have seen and really could be an impact piece at an entrance or focal point.

It really takes the term ‘pot head’ away from its usual associations . . .

container gardening

This creative container adds a whole new meaning to “pot heads”.

So until next time, and as Spring approaches for the Northern Hemisphere . . .

‘Garden on Good people!’

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