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Pergola garden

How Landscaping Can Help Sell Your Home

It’s April and For Sale signs are popping up like tulips on front lawns around the country. Sure, you’ve been told that that landscaping makes a difference, but just how much? “Yes, charm sells,” says Brian McKiernan, a broker at RE/MAX in Glenview, Ill. “Landscaping makes the whole house and surroundings go together.” Looking at […]

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vertical garden with begonias

Vertical Gardening Gets Real

I discovered my first vertical wall garden—a lush quilt of herbs—at the Chicago Botanic Garden about a decade ago. Today they are all the rage. You see them in lobbies, museums, hospitals and airport terminals. But you have to wonder if these green or living walls as they’re called, are practical or affordable for average […]

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Keeping that adorable, edible rosemary tree alive

You’ve seen those cute rosemary Christmas trees at your local florist, 1-800 Flowers, supermarkets and retail stores. They look like a perfect holiday hostess gift. And then you pick up a plant, inhale, and envision snipping off bits of the herb and baking fragrant rosemary focaccia.   But hold the shopping cart: Will that tree […]

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The cucumber overtakes the dahlia.

Battle in the garden … Veggies vs Flowers

This is the year of the white cucumber–the Crystal Apple variety to be exact. From a half dozen seeds I’ve throw in the ground, I only expected one or two to take. Apparently they all germinated because now cucumber plants are stretching the length of my front garden overtaking two yews, two tee-pees, three swirled […]

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Volcano White Phlox

Smell your way to your next plant purchase

Pat here, writing from a warm and sunny Chicagoland. I recently cut some Old Fashioned Vining Petunias and put them in a vase. I usually don’t sniff my flowers, but somehow I got a whiff of these beauties, and was rewarded with the sweetest fragrance I can ever remember from a cut flower.   Scent […]

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