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ornamental grass border

Ornamental Grasses Add Height, Texture and Drama

Ornamental grasses are like a favorite pair of pants with a little stretch – dress them up, dress them down, give them center stage or use them to hide imperfections. As landscape elements, ornamental grasses add height, texture, drama, color and multi-season interest. Fast-growing, they’ll shield an air conditioner, unsightly corner or chain-link fence.   […]

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Slug damage

Getting slimed? Slug it out naturally

By early summer, slugs are shredding hostas and tearing up toad lilies. Left alone, slugs and snails will flatten entire fields of corn and soybeans. In the home vegetable garden, lettuce, spinach and cabbage are at risk, too. Slugs are as gross as they are destructive. Eradication is tough but fortunately organic gardening includes multiple […]

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