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small space gardening ideas

Big Dreams, Small Garden

Spring is here! Everywhere you look there are books, magazines, websites and TV shows of beautiful houses, dream gardens and happy homeowners starting expensive projects. But what happens if these images don’t bear any resemblance to your reality? What happens if these images don’t have an energizing effect, but instead leave you feeling dissatisfied and […]

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NH tropicanna bench pot HR

Gardens on Wheels

Feel like you’ve no idea what season we’re in? That it has just started to feel like spring and whammo, along comes a cold snap along with (in some parts of the country) some snow? Return-to-winter moments like this are more than enough to do any gardener’s head in, but luckily we’re a crafty lot. […]

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Pacific Sunrise mirror plant

Even the Plants are for Sale

Have you noticed how many plants there are in stores lately? Take a look and you’ll spot them growing in and around displays of not only homewares but wearable fashion. And they’re not just there for ambiance – they’ve price tags hanging off them. Yup: there are no rules in retail. You can wander into […]

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