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Tropicanna and coleosLR

Summertime is Playtime

Gorgeous weather – at last – and the time to enjoy it. What else could be better? Unless it was a garden that knew how to look party-ready but without the work. Here’s the tip to make it happen in your garden. STEP ONE: Gather together all those large patio containers that still have last […]

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Canna Tropicanna and Zinnia

The Hottie is Back

Are we excited about the coming of warmer weather? Of course we are: we’re gardeners after all. It’s time to set up for those gorgeous warm days ahead surrounded by lush plants and lashings of colour. And if the summer trend in the southern hemisphere is anything to go by, which it often is, there […]

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Why You Should Plant a Hedge

Why did planting a hedge drop off the gardener’s to do list? Could it be because hedges have a reputation for being high maintenance thanks to all that clipping, guided by a string line and template. Look it up if you want to know how to achieve a finish where the hand of man is […]

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roses scroll

Making Garden Projects Happen

If you have a daunting Big Garden Project, this is how to make it happen. Like anything that seems overwhelming – study assignment, special project at work, a garage clean-out – the trick is to break it down. It then looks very ordinary and do-able, and before you know it, a few weekend have passed […]

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Fast Christmas Decorating

It’s nearly Christmas everyone, and it’s happened again. Christmas has crept up on us: I’ve managed to loose a week somewhere between mid November and right now. And now is when I need to get the house feeling Christmassy because the Christmas drinks and catch-ups-before-Christmas are booked and happening. But I’ve still got a fair […]

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630 x 310

Homemade Paper Plant Pots

Here’s how to make the easiest paper pots ever. I’m making them at the moment as part of a plan (spoiler alert) to give my friends home-made gardening kits this Christmas. With twelve of these pots and a packet of heirloom seeds, they should have some bean seedlings ready to plant out two-to-three weeks after […]

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