August 2012 Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Flower Carpet Amber

 Here they are: My Flower Carpet roses (Flower Carpet Amber) – near and far. And that’s the theme for my August 2012 Garden Blogger’s Bloom day: “Near and Far.” (Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, the brainchild of Carol Michel of May Dreams Gardens, occurs on the 15th of each month, when gardeners post images of what’s growing in their gardens).

Grover from Sesame Street would be proud (you’ll have to excuse my Gen X reference to the blue furry muppet’s famous sketch in which he ran up to the camera and yelled “Near!” and then ran to the background and yelled “Far!” to show his comatose preschool audience the difference between the two).

I was inspired to take “Near and “Far” shots like this one in my own garden after taking my usual walk through the nearby farmer’s field with my 5-year-old daughter and golden retriever. After seeing all the flowers, fruits and veggies at their peak, I just had to snap some shots – up close and farther away. For every gardener who loves to take photos, I think we all know the joys of admiring our artistic creations as closeups – a single bloom showing the variations of color, texture and form that no painter could emulate – and as larger blocks, shapes or colors in the larger landscape.

So please forgive me for cheating a bit this month, but the flowers and foliage in my garden in August just can’t compare with the beauty of the blooms in our favorite farmer’s field. Here are the “Near and Far” shots I just captured:


Pink gladiolus bloom – NEAR!

IMAGE 3280_2

Globe amaranth – FAR!

Sunflower bloom – NEAR!

Field of Sunflowers – FAR!

So, am I the only flower voyeur in the bunch? Is there somewhere you like to go on a regular basis to take great pictures of other people’s plants? A favorite park, arboretum, or just a friend’s house where you stop and visit? Post a comment, and tell me all about it. After all, the best garden ideas and inspiration can often be found just around the corner!



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