Anthony Tesselaar

Anthony TesselaarEnvironmentally aware, market-savvy and experienced, Anthony is always traveling extensively throughout the world on the constant look out for new “wow” plants, new ideas and more importantly helping people garden by making it easy, selecting plants that are easy care and environmentally friendly.

Anthony is a third generation nurseryman passionate about gardening and the potential gardening has to shift our culture – from health and wellness and happiness to living on a more sustainable planet.  He truly wants to get everyone gardening and believes this industry has enormous opportunities, no matter whether in a drought, recession, or boom time,

As a blogger on Your Easy Garden, you’ll get to know his ‘glass half full’ philosophy and his creative thoughts about where the industry is headed.  He’ll also share photos and conversations with some of the world’s most prominent horticulture experts and provide a glimpse at plants and trends he sees along his world travels as he seeks to bring only the best products to the market for Tesselaar Plants.

Tesselaar Plants is heavily into trialling plants in a variety of conditions before they come onto the market and you’ll hear about many of our plant trails across the world.  Not just in-ground trialling, but how these easy gardening plants multiply, propagate, grow and present in retail. Most importantly, you will learn how  and why Tesselaar Plants are some of the most environmentally friendly, easy care and  colourful plants you can have in your garden.

One of his favourite quotes is,  Life is simple,  WE make it complicated.    And we hope through his posts you’ll learn how he loves to see through the complications to present to Tesselaar customers and to you – readers of Your Easy Garden blog – how to simple gardening can be.

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