Alternatives to Popular Succulents

Do plants frighten you…because you’re not sure what you need to do to look after them? But you really like the way plants make you feel. You’re happy to bring them home, to tuck them into a pot or to plant them out into the garden.

But if you’re scared they may not thrive, there’s a simple solution: allow only low-maintenance plants into your space.  You don’t need to feel your choices are limited to something as bullet-proof as a succulent though. Succulents may currently be in vogue but they do have a knack of reminding us of our grandparents’ gardens. Not to worry: there are lots and lots of other really gorgeous options. Like Festival™ ‘Burgundy’ cordyline. It’s strappy. It’s got a lovely sheen. It’s a fantastic color. It comes in other great colors: there are also Festival ‘Lime’ and ‘Raspberry’ versions.

easy to grow burgundy plants

Festival ‘Burgundy’ cordyline is not only stunning, it’s ridiculously easy to grow.


easy care drought plants

Festival “Raspberry” leaves are bordered in bright pink!

Cordylines are generally outdoor plants, but with it’s lovely cascading form, in colder climates Festival can also be brought indoors over winter where it makes a lovely well-behaved houseplant! But best of all, Festival cordylines are  ridiculously easy to keep happy and looking lovely forever – like succulents – and looks great in containers.

succulent container gardens

Drought tolerant Festival also works nicely combined with mixed succulents.


cat and plant

Hampus enjoys the shade of this non-toxic Festival cordyline plant


Festival cordylines also work nicely as well-behaved houseplants, so if you live in a cooler zone, you can still grow these fabulous plants year-round!






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