Agapanthus – Easy to Grow Landscaping Plants and More!

Lily of the Nile

Blue Storm agapanthus add color to any garden!

Agapanthus, often referred to as “Lily of the Nile” is a versatile, easy-to-grow plant for warm winter areas.  Hardy in zones 8-11, agapanthus grow in sunny or partially sunny areas, are drought tolerant and low maintenance.

As an added bonus, they’re also deer resistant and are generally not bothered by garden pests, insects or diseases!

Lily of the Nile

Featured here are both Snow Storm™ and Blue Storm™ agapanthus.  These fast-growing varieties are some of the most floriferous on the market, yielding huge clusters of full blossoms in late spring and summer.   In fact, a 3-year-old plant can produce 25 or more flower stems!   The Storm™ series of agapanthus are compact and very easy care.

drought gardening

Blue Storm thrives in the high heat at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Storm agapanthus grow up to 20 inches wide and 30 inches high and tolerate a range of soils – from sandy to clay. For best results they should be watered well initially to get them established, but after that they’re tolerant of both wet and dry conditions and are an ideal landscape plant for drier warm climates.

landscape plants

Storm agapanthus are ideal as border plants. Shown here are Snow Storm.

Potted Plants

Agapanthus make great easy-care container plants all on their own

The thick-moisture-retentive foliage of agapanthus makes the plant effective as fire-retardant borders and are often used in firescaping.

container plants

Brilliant white Snow Storm™ blossoms help all the other garden colors to pop!

Even when they’re not in bloom, the lush tufts of dense strappy leaves adds flair to any landscape.


plants for firescaping

Brilliant blue blossoms on Blue Storm™ agapanthus

These versatile landscape and container plants are also great as cut flowers, either on their own or mixed in arrangements.

Blue Storm in flower arrangement

Even after the blooms have passed, Blue Storm stems are great in flower arrangments


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