Add a Tropical Touch to your containers!

We all love to look at all the beautiful colors, textures and shapes of plants in the garden center, but we have a hard time visualizing combinations.   While it would be nice to have the time and money to keep playing around with different plant groupings, this just isn’t reality for many of us. We’re busy. We’re budget-conscious. We want beautiful, dependable, already-choreographed compositions.

So, here’s a few easy ideas for mixed planters.

So often a great mixed container design comes down to a ‘thriller’ – often a big, bold and beautiful plant at the top of the composition, a ‘filler’ – usually a mid-level plant that softens and complements the thriller, and a ‘spiller’ – a tumbler or trailer over the edge of the pot, for lower-level personality, texture and a finished look.   Here are three such designs, featuring exotic Tropicanna cannas.

canna Tropicanna® 'Phasion'

1) Thriller = Tropicanna; 2) Filler – zinnias; 3) Spiller = Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’


container gardening

1) Thriller = Tropicanna; 2) filler = Heuchera ‘Velvet Night ; 3) Spiller = Torenia ‘Catalina Viva Blue’


container recipes

1) Thriller = Tropicanna Black; 2) Filler = Salvia farinacea; 3) Spiller = Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’

We’d love to hear about great containers that you’ve created!



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