A Walk Through Noack’s Display Gardens

Flower Carpet Landscape rose

Mixed varieties of Flower Carpet at the breeder’s trial gardens in Germany.

One of the key programs that we manage around the world is the amazing Flower Carpet® series of roses. Given their unprecedented success in “making gardening easy”, this is a program in which I am especially proud to be involved.

A key part of maintaining the success of this program is ensuring that Flower Carpet not only has the best genetics but that we also keep looking to improve the product offerings by improving the existing genetics or adding new selections to the range. All rose candidates need to be rigorously and ruthlessly tested before being included in the Flower Carpet series of roses. To ensure the high standards and quality these plants are known for is maintained, we certainly end up kissing more frogs than princes in the selection process!

It is amazing for anyone outside the plant breeding process to see the amount of crosses undertaken annually and the number of seedlings trialled, evaluated and mostly discarded as the breeder works to find the ultimate selections to bring to market.

Noack Rosen

Tesselaar Plants’ Directors touring Flower Carpet’s breeding grounds in Germany

There are a multitude of considerations that go into breeding the plants when it comes to performance not only in commercial production conditions but also in gardens around the world.  The breeder has to take into consideration a wide array of situations including different soil types, water availability, disease conditions and light levels. All of these factors need to be tested in determining what plants do or don’t go to market.  This is what then ensures success for the home gardener and landscape professional when growing and using Flower Carpet, an ideal landscape rose.

Reinhard Noack (who is the son of the Werner Noack the originator of the Flower Carpet genetics) is solely responsible for the development of many of the most recent Flower Carpet genetics and the amazing leap forward in the performance of the ‘Next Generation’ varieties: Pink Supreme, Scarlet and Amber.  All of these new varieties perform not only in extremely hot, humid conditions but tolerate very cold conditions as well.

However, rather than bore you more about the breeding process and time it takes to evaluate a plant for commercial release (often 5-7 years at a minimum) I thought I would share some images of the amazing Noack display gardens in Gutersloh, Germany. These gardens are open to the public and there is no cover charge for entry but what impressed me about the gardens is Reinhard’s eye for design and plant combinations.

Groundcover rose

Flower Carpet Pink interplanted with lavender at Noack’s Trial gardens

Being a breeder – with its requirement for consistent and detailed record keeping of crosses and methodology – doesn’t particularly strike me as being “left brain” type of activity.  However, as you can see from the layout of the gardens, there is a definite left brain / creative influence at force and maybe this is the key element when it comes to the vision side with breeding.

Groundcover rose

Flower Carpet Amber (foreground) in Noack trial gardens.

In any event I hope you enjoy the images of these gardens and should you find yourselves in the northwester part of Germany during the Spring / Summer period, please take the time to visit this beautiful garden.

groundcover rose

Flower Carpet Coral spills over the walkway and boxwood edging.


Flower Carpet Appleblossom

Flower Carpet roses as “standards” or tree roses in Noack’s trial gardens.


Flower Carpet Pink

Noack’s trial gardens are free and open to the public.


landscape roses

Flower Carpet Scarlet abounds in the trial gardens.


landscape plantings

Flower Carpet Amber are wonderful in mass plantings.


Flower Carpet in landscape

Flower Carpet Appleblossom interplanted with Russian Sage






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4 Responses to A Walk Through Noack’s Display Gardens

  1. Terence Badis April 18, 2015 at 10:34 am #

    I purchased three noak roses many years ago and retained the leaflet that was attached to them.

    The price at that time was £6.99 each.

    I am not able to see your current price on your web sitye, and would appreciate an email note of current prices.

    Many thanks. Terence Badis.

  2. Your Easy Garden Team April 19, 2015 at 1:04 pm #

    Hello Terence, Flower Carpet – a rose bred by Noack Rosen – is sold by a range of garden centers in the UK, US, NZ and AU and each of them are allowed to set their own price point. Here in the US they generally are priced similarly to other potted roses but that can still vary from retailer to retailer. I would suggest you contact a few of your local garden shop and ask what they’re charging. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Jane (Noack/Monnette/Hinds August 2, 2017 at 4:39 pm #

    Our mother’s maiden name was Noack- father Franklin, from Germany (her mother Bloomer from Holland) They may have come over some time around the turn of the century- late 1800’s perhaps.

  4. Your Easy Garden Team August 3, 2017 at 1:38 pm #

    Hello Jane. We’ve forwarded your personal comments to the Noack Rosen group in Germany but have deleted all but this sentence from our Your Easy Garden blog. Although the Noack Rosen group bred Flower Carpet roses for Tesselaar Plants, they are not affiliated with this blog. Thank you.

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