6 Great Ideas for Mediterranean Gardens in 2012

A couple posts back, I talked about hot garden trends for 2012. One of them was the movement toward Mediterranean garden style.

The style, as explained by North Coast Gardening blogger Genevieve Schmidt, often features open and airy courtyards, light-colored, textured hardscaping such as mosaic walls, gravel beds or unglazed terra cotta pots. The style also is known for its low-growing, drought-tolerant plants, hedges, topiary trees and vines (i.e. olive, bay and lemon trees, succulents, lavender, palms, roses and grasses).

Well, there were a bunch of Mediterranean garden images I couldn’t fit in that last post, so here they are:


Photo courtesy Genevieve Schmidt

Photo courtesy Genevieve Schmidt, designed by Lynda Pozel


Euphorbia and purple salvia; designed by Lynda Pozel. Photo courtesy Genevieve Schmidt


Festival Burgundy cordyline (spiky and dark red, in middle) with topiary tree, lemon tree and unglazed terra cotta pots featuring silver and white plants.


Snow Storm agapanthus (lily of the Nile) with unglazed terra cotta pot


Banks of Snow Storm agapanthus (lily of the Nile) and Flower Carpet roses (right)

How have you incorporated Mediterranean garden style into your landscape? Post a comment and tell us all about it!


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