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Spring Care for the Easiest Roses to Grow

By now, most of the northern hemisphere is through the worst of the winter weather and gardeners everywhere are eager to get out and dig in the dirt!  We’ve watched snow plows bury our gardens, run over precious plants, fill the yard with road salt and worse. Plus, this winter’s extreme temperatures – combined with […]

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transplanting seedlings into larger pots

Transplanting Seedlings To Larger Pots

Oh, seedlings…they grow up so fast. This post came about because the seedlings we planted sprouted nicely and are now too big for their toilet paper roll containers. Well, it’s still very chilly up here in Vermont, only 21 degrees today to be exact, but my seedlings don’t care. They just keep growing, and have […]

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Monrovia and Flower Carpet® Rose Giveaway!

In celebration of Flower Carpet Rose’s 20th Anniversary, we’re giving away easy-care Flower Carpet roses and will be picking one winner each day till April 15!  Each winner will receive one Flower Carpet rose, delivered at no charge to their local garden center. All you need to do is repin from the official “Monrovia and […]

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