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home made lip balm

Easy-to-make berry lip balm

Looking for rainy day projects, particularly  garden inspired indoor activities?  Our latest endeavor at the Hiland Hall Gardens has been to create the perfect lip balm. However, this process has not been without its failures . . . We’ve made a crayon-tinted lip balm, but I won’t even bother giving you the recipe, since it […]

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roses scroll

Making Garden Projects Happen

If you have a daunting Big Garden Project, this is how to make it happen. Like anything that seems overwhelming – study assignment, special project at work, a garage clean-out – the trick is to break it down. It then looks very ordinary and do-able, and before you know it, a few weekend have passed […]

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Hardy landscape plants

Tough Plants are the Best

With a fresh year full of gardening ahead of us, I thought I’d leap in with a piece of gardening advice that pretty much sorts all problems. And here it is up front (so you don’t have to read any further). Fill your garden with plants that can look after themselves. Yes, it’s that simple. […]

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Easy Bird Feeding Projects for Kids

Kids will love making these simple nature-inspired bird feeding projects! Now that the holiday season is wrapping up (yes, pun intended), it is a good time to reconnect with yourself and the important things in your life. For me, this means connecting with nature and my family. As a way to celebrate all that nature […]

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