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Favorite Gardening Quotes for the New Year

Many of readers send us their favorite gardening quotes and we thought everyone would enjoy seeing them put to pictures as we dream about our 2015 gardens!  Happy New Year!!         Do you have a favorite gardening quote or saying?  If so, please send it along as a comment on this post […]

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Butterfly on Lantana_scroll

Attracting Birds and Butterflies to the Garden

Attracting birds, butterflies and bees to your garden or landscape not only adds ambiance, but also helps our environment. Gardens that are filled with birds and butterflies (even at their munching-caterpillar stage) are filled with life! Birds play an important role in the garden, eating aphids and beetles; bees are important for pollination, and the […]

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Fast Christmas Decorating

It’s nearly Christmas everyone, and it’s happened again. Christmas has crept up on us: I’ve managed to loose a week somewhere between mid November and right now. And now is when I need to get the house feeling Christmassy because the Christmas drinks and catch-ups-before-Christmas are booked and happening. But I’ve still got a fair […]

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