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lip balm scroll

Handmade Gifts From the Garden

  Handmade gifts are special. In a culture of instant gratification, an overabundance of “things,” and the underlying pressure to have it all, receiving a gift that shows the mark of the maker is refreshing. Not only is the gift itself appreciated, but also the notion of the time spent making the gift. Time is […]

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garden gate

The Garden Gate

  What’s the single most important garden moment? I’m starting to think it must be the garden gate, simply because we pass through it to enter the green space beyond. And that’s why landscape designers call it a transition point. (more…)

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Mixed Flower Carpets in Cottage Garden

Gardening Tips from Our Readers

We received a lot of helpful time-saving garden tips from our readers during our recent contest. Vicki D writes: We use a square foot garden plan and irrigation hoses my husband installs on each plant; we turn the water on for 10 to 15 minutes a day. It saves our time and water also. Betty […]

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