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adorable puppies

Puppy Proofing Your Garden

We’re getting a puppy (that’s him on the left). Which is incredibly exciting – but also unsettling. While my family counts down the days before the little fellow is old enough to leave his litter to move in with us, I’m standing out in the garden wondering if the fence around the vegetable garden is […]

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Garden Photos We Love

It’s that time of year when many of our fans and home garden testers send us photos of their favorite plants and we thought our readers might enjoy seeing them too! Our first set of 3 container garden photos are from Alison Conliffe’s blog, Bonney Lassie.  Her blog is filled with gorgeous photos and we […]

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cottage garden

Mixing Roses In

If you haven’t been to Wisley in the UK, go. As you’d expect, it’s an extraordinary garden, filled with gorgeous landscape moments. It’s the work of the Royal Horticultural Society which carries international punch for good reason. I visit often because I can, and because I want to. And each time I go I come […]

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Make a Teensy Mini Garden

If at some point in your childhood there were faeries living at the bottom of the garden, then you’ll appreciate this project – I call it a doll’s house garden. Why? Well, it’s a green space in miniature. It’s incredibly fun (and easy) to create and maintain. And it’s a nice fit if your gardening […]

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