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Show Your Team Spirit!

Gardeners usually choose color and plant combinations that bring them joy or serenity.  But what about ones that build team spirit?  Thanks to TV and radio host  Doug Oster  and his book “The Steel City Garden,” people throughout the Pittsburgh area and far beyond are creating “One-of-a-Kind Gardens in Black and Gold.” So this year […]

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Ouchless Roses

I love roses – who doesn’t. I can’t say though that I love their thorns – who would? But since they come hand-in-hand, I guess we all accept it and make the best of the deal. But do we have to? (Warning, I’m about to hop up onto a semi-promotional soap box.) Rose blooms and […]

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Gardening Quotes

We all have our favorite gardening quotes and from time to time here at Your Easy Garden we like to share a few. Please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite quote and we might feature it in a future post. Happy gardening!  Pictured above: Black Tulip® Magnolia  Pictured above: Flower Carpet White rose […]

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Human Hands on Nature

Each of our gardens is a piece of the larger landscape, a small part of the world that we happily tinker with to suit ourselves. Our gardening hands shape these spaces – literally – and whether that space includes a mile-long avenue of trees or a kitchen window ledge, everyone’s take will be different. What’s […]

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