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Think Spring!

With those of us in the cold climates still fighting dreary conditions and frozen ground and a much-delayed start of the season, we thought we’d try to bring a feeling of spring to our readers with these photos, in celebration of the first day of Spring.  Anthony Tesselaar took these photos at the Keukenhof Gardens […]

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raised bed gardening

Constructing a Raised Garden Bed

As spring approaches, your garden plans are probably well under way! This year, if you’re looking to have an easier method of gardening, you should use a raised garden bed! Gardeners all over have taken advantage of the benefits of raised garden beds. Laurel from Park Landscaping has provided this how-to guide for building your […]

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trees for small yards

Growing Magnolia Trees

Are you thinking of adding some new trees or shrubs to your yard or landscape this year?  Before you spend hours researching, consider the magnolia. This truly magnificent tree is easy to grow, comes in a variety of sizes to fit almost any garden and  provides gorgeous blooms. Perhaps best of all though, magnolias bloom […]

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xeriscape3 scroll

Creating a Rain Garden

Are you looking to make your garden or landscape more eco-friendly? If so, you should look into creating a rain garden in your yard! A rain garden is specifically designed to capture storm water from roofs, patios, and driveways. The water is led from these hard surfaces to the water conserving garden bed. Xeriscaping is […]

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