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deer resistant tips

Deer Resistant Tips

As magical as they look from afar, deer can wreak havoc year round in most parts of the country, but winter months are often the hardest for deer. Deer proofing is no easy task.  There are dozens, if not hundreds of deer deterrents on the market today.  To try to list all the options within […]

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fresh herbs

Cooking with Fresh Herbs

For gardeners and cooks, the winter holidays bring the chance to share the season’s harvest with friends and family. Whether you’re preparing vegetables from your own garden, a local farm, or the grocery store, fresh herbs are a wonderful complement. Their aroma and depth of flavor is hard to match, and their bright green color […]

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simplicity in the garden

Simplicity and Focus

There is nothing more complex than finding simplicity.  I spent 50 years figuring this out, then read a Facebook post with a quote commonly attributed to Albert Einstein: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  I don’t really care who said it, I like it. Simplicity in anything boils down […]

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Gardener's Gym Shoes

The Garden Gym

  I do exercise, but I don’t feel smug. That’s because I don’t know if it’s enough. Or the right kind. And I think I’m not the only person out there who feels this way. I walk. I garden. But when I offer this to my doctor when I’m asked, I usually feel a bit […]

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