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Tips for Overwintering Tender Bulbs

Tropicanna cannas and other tender rhizomes, bulbs, corms and tubers can be overwintered with a minimal amount of fuss. If you live in a climate the doesn’t have winter frosts or freezes (generally zones 7-11), you can leave them in the ground over the winter.  To give them a boost, you can cut them back […]

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Ornamental Grasses Add Height, Texture and Drama

Ornamental grasses are like a favorite pair of pants with a little stretch – dress them up, dress them down, give them center stage or use them to hide imperfections. As landscape elements, ornamental grasses add height, texture, drama, color and multi-season interest. Fast-growing, they’ll shield an air conditioner, unsightly corner or chain-link fence.   […]

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companion planting

A Simple Guide to Companion Planting

When it comes to organic gardening you may think you have few choices to rid your garden of bugs or make your plants grow faster, stronger and better tasting. However that is simply not true. Companion planting allows you to pair together different plants that can help to get rid of pests and make your […]

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easy care roses

Fall Tips for Easy Care Roses

Growing easy care roses is the perfect solution for home gardens and gardeners who want roses without the fuss. The Flower Carpet Series fit the bill perfectly. Keep in mind thought that “easy-care” doesn’t mean “no care”.  A little TLC never hurt anyone, so here’s a little advice on fall care of your roses. Stop […]

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Take the composting plunge

You know that compost is the gold standard for soil, but are you afraid to make it? Put aside your squeamish phobias. Anyone can make compost, even if the closest you’ve gotten to it is in sealed bags at a garden center. If you live in the country, a pile in the ground will suffice, […]

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