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wood pallet rack

Repurposed Items Steal the Show!

Well, after a hectic 4 days at the Plantarium trade show, I finally have some time to reflect on the aspects of the show / trends that were on display. Holland is probably one of the epicentres when we come to think about Horticulture and never fails to surprise me when it comes to the […]

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Flower Carpet Amber

Design for Beginners, Part 3

Anyone can design a basic garden if you consider 3 basic components!  With some recent renovations to our home, we realized that we also needed to change some of our garden layouts. As I started the planning stages for the garden renovations, I got to thinking about the fundamentals of Garden Design.  I have the […]

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The Green Thumb Myth

I’m about to debunk the greatest myth of all, and it happens to be about gardening. The Green Thumb – the ability to create lush, gorgeous landscapes thanks to a mystical power. Great gardeners have it (often apparently inherited in the form of a mutant gene), but most of us don’t. Apparently that’s why our […]

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