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Tropicanna canna

Design for Beginners, Part 1

I have been doing some renovations around the house over the past few months and because of some of the structural changes to the buildings there is a need to change some of the garden layout and composition. This, of course, got me thinking about the fundamentals of Garden Design.  I realized I needed to […]

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Home made pesticides

Earth-Friendly Pesticide Resources

One of the things I pride myself on is limiting the chemicals I use in my garden.  Knowing how harmful many of the commercially available pesticides are I love the fact that often it’s just a matter of mixing up some common kitchen items – like garlic, baking soda, spices, peppers and vinegar or using […]

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flower box


I wonder if botanophobes really exist – people who break out in a sweat when they see a tree, or a vase of flowers? Of course there may be people who aren’t too keen on a specific plant, for example if they’ve broken out in a rash after touching it. But I don’t think anyone […]

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Cottage Garden

Tame Your Cottage Garden

A mass of purple clematis cover a lamppost, swaths of daisies wave in the wind and roses drape over a picket fence. It’s summer, and after months of neglect, cottage gardens are finally getting the attention they deserve. Whether it’s on a lake, pond or other rural setting, cottage gardens vary widely, but all seem […]

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Tulips in full bloom

Baffled by Bloomless Bulbs?

“I think every gardener must have done this at least once.  Even experienced gardeners that know better try it.  I’m talking about cutting back the dying foliage of blooming bulbs.” This tip is by garden guru Marianne Binetti in her book, Tips for Carefree Landscapes. She reminds us that despite our best intentions, when we […]

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