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Festival cordyline

Easy Care Eye-Level Gardens

Easy to work in, easy to look at! For those of us closing in our “golden years”, the stooping, kneeling and bending in the garden can spoil the fun.  But before you retire those trowels and gloves, consider raised beds as a solution. Instead of digging down, build up. A raised bed garden can be […]

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Fairy magnolia

Gardening for all seasons

As I look out the window here in Melbourne during the first week of our winter I am reminded about a quote from Piet Oudolf – Landscaper extraordinaire. For those of you who are not familiar with Piet Oudolf, he is a landscape designer with a prestigious reputation who has been responsible for some of […]

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To Prune or Not to Prune!

At this time of year when many shrubs are blooming or just past their bloom cycle, gardeners are wondering how to care for them, when or if to prune them and more. You’ll find answers to these questions and many more in Marianne Binetti’s book, Tips for a Carefree Landscape. Here are a few of […]

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Slug damage

Getting slimed? Slug it out naturally

By early summer, slugs are shredding hostas and tearing up toad lilies. Left alone, slugs and snails will flatten entire fields of corn and soybeans. In the home vegetable garden, lettuce, spinach and cabbage are at risk, too. Slugs are as gross as they are destructive. Eradication is tough but fortunately organic gardening includes multiple […]

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Pop up veggie patch

Pop Up Gardens are attracting new gardeners

I know that I have written previously about my affinity for Guerilla Gardening and also about the challenges of how to  get more people gardening. I think I have found a company that is doing this successfully with a little bit of innovation and inspiration. Pleasingly enough, this is in my hometown of Melbourne where […]

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A Plant Fun Park?

I’ve just visited the Disneyland equivalent for plants, and it’s confirmed that I’m not that strange. In fact, looking around at the crowds at Terra Botanica (Angers, France), I can safely declare that there are many people, who like me, are fascinated by flowers and plants. How did we happen to be there? Phillip suggested […]

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