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girls in garden

Want to Lose Weight? Then Get Gardening!

With a weight loss industry that is worth 60 billion dollars (Jenny Craig alone is valued at 1.75 billion dollars as a company), here is a story that should resonate with all of us gardeners. The article below was taken from a UK newspaper during my recent travels there and my immediate thoughts were that […]

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Let’s Let Loose

The Dutch know how to have a party. I can say this because we were in Amsterdam on business when everyone was celebrating the inauguration of Willem-Alexander. Take a look at these photos – see what I mean? It’s as though the happy orange-wearing crowds ran out of room on the streets and happily spilled […]

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Memorial Gardens Help Soothe Loss

When tragedy strikes—anything from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings to the 9/11 terrorist attacks–or a loved one dies, grief-stricken people seek ways to honor those who’ve passed away. What better to do that than through a living tribute such as a tree planting or memorial garden? Memorial gardens can be as simple as a […]

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