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Tulpendag 2013

Gardening – part of every day in Holland

Some of my previous post have mentioned the difficulty we warm-blooded Australians face in venturing to the world’s largest Horticultural show (IPM Essen in Germany) during the midst of the European winter.  However, this year something else caught my eye whilst in Holland prior to the show. The Dutch see and treat horticulture and gardening […]

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2013 new plants: 5 picks that make gardening easier!

Dreaming of getting your hands dirty in your garden? Here are a few new easy-care plants that can get you dreaming and planning! “Gardeners often choose plants for their good-looking flowers and foliage, but most of us don’t have time to baby them,” says Jane Milliman, publisher of upstate New York’s Upstate Gardeners’ Journal. “Plants […]

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Early Morning Pottering

I’d like to tell you about an unexpected, early-morning gardening moment I had the other day. It was almost magical – in the way some days in the garden feel when you’re a child. Thinking about that morning in my garden, as I’d turned off the light the night before, I hadn’t made any plans […]

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