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Volcano Phlox White

Don’t forget white in the garden!

Several years ago, as a Gannett Newspapers garden writer, I had the opportunity to profile the garden of Charles Arena, my favorite florist in the Rochester, NY area. Renowned for his Willy Wonka colors and designs at Arena’s Florist, you can’t image how surprised I was to find that his garden at home was … all white. […]

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And the fact that the white was as thick, prolific and longer flowering as the blue was almost too good to be true. Snow Storm's turned out to be every landscape designer's best friend.

I love my Storm Agapanthus

  Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you how enthusiastic I am. I’m also very open. So if I’m feeling enthusiastic about something in particular, chances are you’ll hear about it. And since every man’s blog is his castle, if I want to enthuse about something here, I think will. Openly and without […]

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