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    Favorite Garden and Nature Quotes

    Here are a few more quotes that our readers have shared with us . . .

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    Fun Things to Do in the Garden

    Often when I go outside, I’m not looking for a Big Garden Job – spreading trailer loads of mulch, laying paving, getting up in a tree to take out the dead-wood. Most of the time I drift about in a hap...

  • adding season long color to the garden

    Using Garden Phlox to Add Color to the G...

    Garden phlox come in a variety of colors and are ideal for adding color in most gardens.  They range from white and pale shades of pink and purple to bright reds, pinks and purples.

  • privacy in the garden

    3 Basic Steps for Creating Garden Rooms

    Are you tired of simply thinking of your garden as an open space or something to view from a distance?  Do you want your guests to feel as comfortable in your garden as they do in your home? 

  • Simple tips for creating colorful containers

    5 Simple Garden Container Ideas

    Although many people simply use filled garden containers on their deck or patio to add impact, they can be used as problem-solvers! Let’s look at five examples below…