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    5 Ways to Add Late Season Color to Your ...

    Do you have garden envy at this time of year?  Are your neighbor’s gardens abounding in color while yours has turned a bit blah? 

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    Great Plants Up Close

      Maybe we’re getting too caught up with landscaping and we’ve forgotten to look at the plants?

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    Hens at Home

    When people discover that I keep chickens, they are seriously surprised. The reaction I get is almost as if I’d announced I could ride a broomstick. (I can’t.)

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    Choosing the Right Plant for the Right C...

    As I travelled through much of the USA this summer (in fact I have logged about 3,000 miles with my colleague Justin visiting growers, retailers and gardens), one of the key topics that has been in th...

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    Favorite Gardening Quotes

    A few of our readers have submitted some of their favorite gardening quotes and sayings, so we thought it would be nice to share them. Enjoy and if you have a favorite quote, please send it along!