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    Great Plants Up Close

      Maybe we’re getting too caught up with landscaping and we’ve forgotten to look at the plants?

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    Hens at Home

    When people discover that I keep chickens, they are seriously surprised. The reaction I get is almost as if I’d announced I could ride a broomstick. (I can’t.)

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    Choosing the Right Plant for the Right C...

    As I travelled through much of the USA this summer (in fact I have logged about 3,000 miles with my colleague Justin visiting growers, retailers and gardens), one of the key topics that has been in th...

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    Favorite Gardening Quotes

    A few of our readers have submitted some of their favorite gardening quotes and sayings, so we thought it would be nice to share them. Enjoy and if you have a favorite quote, please send it along!

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    Five Hot Ways to Firescape Your Landscap...

      With wildfires and record-high temperatures the cause of so much damage, we went to the experts for tips on how to beat the heat in the garden and help prevent wildfires. This trend is also kno...