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How to use wood ashesHow to use wood ashes in the garden

Many folks who burn wood in fireplaces and wood stoves are faced with an abundance of wood ash.  An average cord of wood can yield up to 20 – 30 pounds of ashes. Read more…

Human-hands-on-natureHuman Hands on Nature

Each of our gardens is a piece of the larger landscape, a small part of the world that we happily tinker with to suit ourselves. Our gardening hands shape  Read more…

easy gardening projects for kidsEasy-to-Make Root View Box

Teaching young children the magic of growing and sharing with them the experience of eating food they have grown straight from the garden… Read more…

how-to-use-cannas-in-a-containerDesigning an easy container garden

Tropicanna cannas, with their height, tropical flair and season-long color, are an excellent choice for container gardens. That’s why this easy-care… Read more…

easy-landscape-ideasEasy landscaping ideas with carpet roses

Many people think of roses as difficult to grow or as temperamental beauties. However, easy-care Flower Carpet roses are ideal in a variety of landscape settings. Read more…

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