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Landscaping Ideas with Tropicanna Canna
Tropicanna® cannas from Tesselaar Plants are an easy care option for a variety of landscape uses. Whether you are a landscape pro or a weekend warrior in the garden… Read more…

Simple Ways to Use White in the Garden
Easy care Volcano phlox can provide months of color with very little care.  Here are a few tips for getting the most from your Volcano phlox… Read more…

Mixing Roses In
If you haven’t been to Wisley in the UK, go. As you’d expect, it’s an extraordinary garden, filled with gorgeous landscape moments. It’s the work of the Royal Horticultural Society which carries… Read more…

Making the Most of a Small Garden
The benefits of gardening in small areas are that it is likely to be cheaper and much easier to prevent your garden looking bare in this case as fewer plants and features are… Read more…



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